The Podium podcast: NZ medal haul glimmers and grows

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It’s a Kiwi treble successful the men’s changeable enactment with Tom Walsh and Jacko Gill heaving their mode into golden and silver, but it’ll beryllium bronze astatine champion for the Black Sticks women.

The games are besides starting to look up to immoderate of the squad sports finals similar cricket and netball.

Sports Minister Grant Robertson joins america arsenic a peculiar analogous to speech astir badminton and formation volleyball, we instrumentality a speedy travel to South Africa for the latest connected the All Blacks, and find retired wherefore the Duchess of Cambridge was hanging retired by the loos connected a train.

The Podium is simply a quickfire greeting wrapper of Kiwis breaking records and breaking quality from the 2022 Commonwealth Games successful Birmingham.

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Crossing to reporters Ian Anderson and Rob Van Royen, big Zoë George pulls unneurotic each the latest headlines from the Games (Ngā Taumāhekeheke) arsenic our athletes spell for gold.

We screen disconnected the highs and lows of the action, and the inevitable colour and quirk which ever crops up astatine a large lawsuit similar this.

Listen to The Podium each greeting from 7am astatine, oregon wherever you find your podcasts.

Tom Walsh powered to golden  successful  the men’s changeable  enactment     final.

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Tom Walsh powered to golden successful the men’s changeable enactment final.

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