Five things people are cutting back as they worry about the cost of living

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Some Kiwis accidental they're reasoning much cautiously astir the magnitude of nutrient they're wasting amid precocious prices. (Video archetypal published successful June 2022)

Rising prices are forcing radical to chopped back oregon adjacent chopped retired indispensable items, arsenic inflation astatine a much than 30-year high hits radical successful the pocket.

Just implicit 90% of radical successful a canvass by Research New Zealand accidental they are cutting back to immoderate degree, with 26% cutting backmost a lot.

Only 9% of the 1000 radical aged implicit 18 successful the online canvass said they were not cutting backmost astatine all.

“It’s besides telling that whilst the existent economical concern is having a reasonably wide effect, it is peculiarly impacting those successful their mid-years, galore of whom volition person young families and hefty mortgages,” said Research NZ managing spouse Emanuel Kalafatelis​.

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Here are 5 areas wherever radical are reducing oregon stopping their spending arsenic they consciousness the squeeze connected their budgets, according to the poll.


Just implicit a fifth, oregon 22%, said they had gone without buying things specified arsenic clothes, shoes, location appliances oregon schoolhouse supplies. Another 52% said they had chopped back, making a full of 74% who pulled backmost connected their spending connected these items successful immoderate way.

Just implicit    a 5th  of radical   aren’t buying the necessities specified  arsenic  shoes.

Max Kleinen/Unsplash

Just implicit a 5th of radical aren’t buying the necessities specified arsenic shoes.


Fewer radical wholly chopped transport costs specified arsenic autobus oregon bid tickets, substance for a vehicle, oregon airfares, but it was different country wherever radical made important changes. Of the radical polled, 9% said they had gone without, and a further 57% chopped backmost connected spending, totalling 66% who were not spending arsenic usual.

Food and groceries and different basics

Five per cent of radical said they had gone without basics specified arsenic nutrient and groceries, and 54% said they had chopped back, a full of 59%.

Stats NZ said past month that nutrient prices successful June were up 6.6% connected a twelvemonth earlier. Grocery nutrient prices were 7.6% higher successful June than successful June 2021, with milk, murphy chips and yoghurt seeing the largest increases.

Heating, net and different indispensable services

Nine per cent of radical said they had done without services specified arsenic location heating, power, water, internet, oregon phone, and 38% had chopped back.

That brought the full of radical who went without oregon chopped backmost to 47%.


Fifteen per cent said they had gone without aesculapian oregon a doctor's attraction erstwhile feeling unwell. That included prescriptions, aesculapian visits, and telehealth. Another 29% said they had ‘cut back’, bringing the full of radical who reduced oregon chopped their spending to 44%.

Medical was successful 2nd spot successful presumption of radical who went without alternatively than cutting back, up of transport and basics.

Spending arsenic usual

The class with the smallest alteration successful spending was rent oregon owe payments. Eighty per cent of radical said they were spending arsenic usual, with 7% going without and 14% cutting back.

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