Competition reforms would weaken key prop for Fletcher's Gib arm, says analyst

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Commerce Commission chairperson Anna Rawlings gives a little overview of immoderate projected solutions to the gathering materials investigation.

Fletcher Building’s ascendant presumption successful the plasterboard marketplace could beryllium dilatory eroded if recommendations successful a draught contention study are implemented, broker Forsyth Barr has suggested.

The Commerce Commission did not urge breaking up Fletcher Building’s concern successful its draft marketplace survey into the gathering materials industry which was published connected Thursday.

But it did urge regulatory changes aimed astatine making it easier for manufacturers and importers to bring new, competing products into the marketplace and to person them accepted successful gathering consents.

It besides foreshadowed a crackdown connected immoderate “rebates” connected products, including plasterboard, offered by large suppliers to their resellers that dissuade resellers from powerfully selling rival products.

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The committee estimated astatine slightest $250 cardinal was spent connected plasterboard each twelvemonth and its preliminary presumption was that contention successful the proviso of plasterboard was not moving well.

Forsyth Barr said the reforms projected by the Commerce Commission “seem humble astatine look worth and won't effect successful an contiguous measurement alteration successful contention successful plasterboard”.

But it said it believed the projected reforms would weaken a cardinal prop supporting Fletcher’s dominance of the plasterboard market, successful which the committee estimated Fletcher’s subsidiary Winstone Wallboards had astir a 95% marketplace stock done its Gib products.

Forsyth Barr noted that the committee appeared to awesome successful its study that Fletcher Building would request to reappraisal its rebate schemes to guarantee they were compliant with the Commerce Act arsenic it volition work aft an amendment takes effect adjacent year.

Forsyth Barr says the Commerce Commission’s draught  recommendations would weaken a cardinal  prop supporting Winstone Wallboards’ dominance of the plasterboard market.


Forsyth Barr says the Commerce Commission’s draught recommendations would weaken a cardinal prop supporting Winstone Wallboards’ dominance of the plasterboard market.

In its discussions of the plasterboard market, the committee said “suppliers with important marketplace powerfulness peculiarly those successful highly concentrated markets”, should reappraisal their rebate structures for compliance with the revised conception 36 of the Commerce Act which comes into unit successful April.

But immoderate changes successful Winstone’s stock of the plasterboard marketplace would beryllium dilatory to travel about, successful portion due to the fact that builders were apt to beryllium reluctant to determination distant from established products, Forsyth Barr said.

It estimated profits from Winstone’s plasterboard concern made up astir 14% of Fletcher’s full operating profit, which Fletcher’s past reported astatine $332 cardinal successful the six months to the extremity of December.

Jarden expert Grant Swanepoel predicted connected Thursday that the commission’s marketplace survey would person small interaction connected Fletcher Building.

Fletcher Building did not instrumentality up an invitation to remark connected Forsyth Barr’s report.

The institution said successful a connection connected Thursday that the commission’s marketplace survey was broad and it would instrumentality its clip to see the points the committee had made.

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