Breonna Taylor: US police charged over shooting death

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Four US constabulary officers person been arrested and charged implicit the fatal 2020 shooting of Breonna Taylor.

Two women clasp  a motion   of Breonna Taylor during a rally connected  18 September 2020 successful  Louisville, Kentucky.

Two women clasp a motion of Breonna Taylor during a rally connected 18 September 2020 successful Louisville, Kentucky. Photo: AFP / Getty Images

Taylor was killed successful her location successful Louisville, Kentucky, by plainclothes constabulary who were executing a "no-knock" hunt warrant.

The infirmary worker, 26, was changeable arsenic officers stormed the flat conscionable aft midnight portion she was with her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker.

Her decease sparked radical injustice protests astir the country.

Only 1 serviceman progressive successful the raid - erstwhile Louisville detective Brett Hankinson - had been antecedently charged implicit the case.

Hankinson, who fired 10 shots during the incident, was acquitted by a jury earlier this year. He is among the 4 radical to look caller charges done the US Department of Justice.

The others are Joshua Jaynes, besides a erstwhile officer, and serving officers Kelly Hanna Goodlett and Kyle Meany.

US Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the caller charges. He said the officers were being charged with civilian rights offences, unlawful conspiracy, unconstitutional usage of unit and obstruction.

Garland added that 3 of the officers - each but Hankinson - had been charged with falsification of a hunt warrant.

Hankinson is charged with utilizing excessive unit erstwhile helium opened occurrence during the raid.

"Breonna Taylor should beryllium live today," Garland told reporters.

The hunt warrant obtained by constabulary included Taylor's sanction and address. Authorities suspected her ex-boyfriend, Jamarcus Glover, a convicted cause trafficker, had utilized her flat to fell narcotics oregon money.

No drugs were recovered astatine the property, though Jefferson County Prosecutor Thomas Wine said the hunt had been cancelled aft the shooting.

In 2020, the Taylor household sued Louisville constabulary and reached a $US12 cardinal settlement.

Reacting to quality of the caller charges connected Thursday, the family's lawyers said: "Today was a immense measurement toward justice."

Kenneth Walker changeable and wounded 1 of the constabulary officers successful the limb during the raid, taking him for an intruder. He was charged with attempted murder, but the lawsuit was dismissed.

Walker said helium had fired retired of self-defence, and a justice permanently closed the lawsuit against him, meaning helium cannot ever beryllium charged again implicit it.

Taylor's decease - on with that of 2 achromatic men, George Floyd successful Minnesota and Ahmaud Arbery successful Georgia - sparked anti-racism protests crossed the US and the globe.


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